Back Doctor WelcomeBack Doctor prioritises patient interests above all else.

Our patients trust us to care not only for them, but for their loved ones, to treat bodies and minds, to be honest, respectful, to protect confidentiality and to put health needs first.

The success of the doctor-patient relationship, as well as the wider profession-society relationship, depends on trust, which can be maintained through a strong adherence to medical professionalism. Medical professionalism refers to the values and skills that the profession and society expects of individual doctors and the medical profession, encapsulating both the doctor-patient relationship and the wider ‘social contract’ between the profession and society. This is something we take seriously at Back Doctor.

Individual doctors are expected to uphold the core values of the medical profession such as respect, trust, compassion, altruism, integrity, advocacy and leadership, collegiality (among others).

In return of this relative autonomy and independence, the medical profession is expected to use it’s unique expertise to set and maintain high standards of ethics, practice, competency and conduct through an open and accountable process of profession-led regulation.