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Neck Pain can be debilitating

Neck disorders can cause chronic pain and limit your activity significantly, affecting everything from your ability to look after yourself to lifting things, to sleeping.

Neck strain is common in workers and those involved in car accidents. Even when you haven’t specifically injured your neck, a musculoskeletal disorder somewhere in your spine will sometimes cause pain in your neck. In extreme cases, the muscles seize up to protect further damage occurring, which results in a feeling of being locked up or unable to turn your head.

If your problem gets to this stage, something must be done—depending on your injury, this may involve the use of heat or cold, exercise, rest, physiotherapy and/or spinal adjustment. When your spinal problems result in reoccurring headaches, your suffering may result in the use of painkillers. While this may help in the short term, it’s not a good idea to rely on painkillers long term if something else can be done.

Back Doctor will discuss all the options with you and help come up with a long term solution to enhance your life.